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Contemporary Arabian Jewellery

Inspired by Arab culture, our jewels incorporate the art of Arabic calligraphy, with words of positivity spreading values of love and peace to the world

Our jewellery creations tell stories which are explained in the text cards that accompany each piece

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Our Collections, Our Stories


The Jerash Fish Intricately carved in stone in the vicinity of the Nymphaeum in Jerash are four fish, abstractly depicted with sinuous curves performing flowing movements in the water basin they are carved in. In this collection the Jerash Fish is revived to be enjoyed. Moreover, traditional folklore stories refer to the “Fish” as a sign of impending prosperity & good luck. ...


One of the most popular Body Guards in the Middle East, the Hand of Fatima is believed to bring protection and good fortune to its owners and to endow them with virtues of patience and faithfulness


Celebrating the art of Arabic calligraphy, with calligraphic works especially created for us by our experienced calligrapher Bilal Abu Toaq.


The Desert castles, once hunting lodges of the Umayyad Caliphs, dating back to the 8th century AD, are located in the desert primarily in Jordan, with a few others in Syria and Palestine. Considered to be among the first examples of architecture produced by the Muslims, they are fine examples of stepping stones bridging the prevalent architectural styles of the day and the glory that was ...


Different shades of the agate stone, which when worn, ward off the Evil Eye and protect the wearer. Tradition has it that it should be worn for protection during travel.


From the legendary copper mines in southern Jordan, comes a collection of delicate hand made jewellery. Tassels of copper and colourful stones echo those that adorn Bedouin tents; and traditional amulets such as the turquoise beads and the Evil Eye ward off malicious vibes transmitted by jealousy and envy.


The Arabesque Collection This collection pays homage to the ‘Arabesque’ in Islamic art: the application of interlacing geometric forms with sinuous forms of foliage & flowers. The geometric forms constitute an infinite pattern in composition, extending beyond the invisible material world, symbolizing the infinite and therefore uncentralized nature of the creation of the one Go ...


Amulets and talismans such as the evil eye and the hand of Fatima are frequently used in the Middle East to give protection and to ward off sinister forces. Numbers are also used in this context. Each number has its own cryptic meaning, and their arrangement holds as much significance as the numbers themselves. Number 1 stands for God, number 2 represents the jinns, number 3 stands for weal ...


IQRA is the first word in the Quran, revealed to the Prophet by Angel Gabriel and ‘IQRA’ means ‘READ’. The ability to read is therefore of great importance to Muslims, not just to be able to read the Quran, but to gain knowledge and to progress.


Inspired by jewels found at various locations within Jordan, mainly at the Roman city of Jerash, and which are now on display at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan, we recreate jewels from this golden era of the history of our region.


Jordan is home to many cities of the Decapolis. This collection pays tribute to the Roman era, as we recreate jewels from artefacts on show at the Citadel Museum in Amman, Jordan.


Yousor: To make life easier; to relieve obstacles from one's bath. The original Yousor bead, made from black corals and hand inlaid with different designs in silver, is traditionally used for making worry beads. Replications of this bead have been made from different kinds of wood, and the original meaning attributed to bead retained.


Local stones from the desert in southern Jordan, hand shaped and drilled by local ladies in the Qadisiyyah Cooperative, make up this collection which we aptly named Kunouz, treasures.

Inspiration and Design

Inspired by the art and architecture of the Islamic world, the designs are mainly showcased at our own Store in Amman which acts as a gallery as the displays continuously change

Nadia Dajani

Nadia studied architecture at University College London and participated in several architectural projects since leaving college, most notably the Jordanian Pavilion at Expo 2000 in Hanover. Her passion for jewellery making and design led her architectural interests to take a back seat, designing with silver and natural gemstones to create a distinctive style and unique pieces, many of which are influenced by Arab culture and tradition.

Nadia Dajani Jewellery is not only a design and fashion house but is also a community project giving back to society on many levels. A strong advocate of Corporate Social Responsibility, our workshop in Amman empowers women by training them in the art of jewellery-making and now create the most delicate and intricate pieces of jewellery that has been featured in many fashion magazines and in celebrity pages.

The variety of gemstones used are sourced by Nadia during her extensive travels, and in the past few years, local stones from Jordan have been incorporated as featured in the KUNOUZ Collection.


  • I recieved my last purchase from Nadia in less than one week, all the way to Alaska! Really fine products and fantastic service!!

    Trevor, Alaska,
  • Dear Nadia,
    I have collected my key chain and I wanted to thank you for your amazing service.Happy holidays

    Iman, Jordan,
  • My Nimah ring arrived on Monday and I just wanted to thankyou - it is even more beautiful than I remember! I love it! I also can't beleive how quickly it arrived on my doorstep in Australia all the way from Jordan.

    Naomi, Australia,
  • I found Nadia Dajani while at the InterCon. The collection is beautiful and unique.
    Each piece is modern yet captures the classic feeling. Nadia has an excellent eye for what will suit each customer and she made shopping a lot of fun. I love the pieces I purchased and wear them often. The Arabic calligraphy pieces are very special. Her partnerships with the local women also create wonderful, fun jewelry. Nadia Dajani is a true find and should be be on everyone's list of places to stop while in Amman.

    Well Kept Secret in Amman Not To Be Missed, dolores2011,New York City, New York
  • The earrings arrived a little while ago and they are beautiful. (I happen to be wearing black and white so the yousor beads are perfect). It is just in time for my anniversary tomorrow. Many thanks. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely

    Adele, USA,
  • Nadia's jewelry reminds me of the best of the Middle East and Arab culture; the people, ideas and principles that changed the world in the past and can yet again.

    Kristen Gillespie, Philadelphia
  • Thank you very much for your help and speedy delivery of the pearl necklace that I recently purchased from you.

    I could not believe how quickly it arrived in Australia. It arrived on the Wednesday after I ordered it on the Saturday. Believe me Australia Post could not move that quickly. Anyway, thank you again and I am so happy that I finally have the piece that I truly love.

    Rosemary Patterson, Australia

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We are working closely with several museums, to create special designs inspired by artefacts chosen from their private collections.

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Had a very interesting visit to a boys' school in Mahes, just outseide Amman, where I gave a talk about my work, and work in general. Very curious that most of the boys wanted to be electrical engineers, watch out the IT sector! A few wanted to be doctors. Most had a very pleasant personality and were receptive to my questions. It helped that they had badges with their names on so I could direct my questions and select them by name. Wonderful initiative by INJAZ.


What a wondeful evening last night. We participated in the exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, organised by the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club, for an invited audience of their car enthusiasts. The people invited to exhibit were diverse, showcasing things as diverse as jewellery, to beds, to bedding, bespoke hotels.... with one thing in common: they produced items of excellence. We were happy to see the cruise ships we exhibit on also invited to participate: Seabourn and Silversea.

Providing Employment to Jordanian Women

Our project started in 1997, with the aim of giving back to society by educating and training women in the basic skills of jewellery making and beading, ultimately giving them gainful employment.
Working from home, and in their own time, we have seen our artisans develop their skills over the years to the highest standard.
The artisans in our studio now number over 25, who not only make jewellery but also sew the beautiful pouches that they come in. They now manage themselves and their production at our workshop in Mugablein, Amman.

This project is run by the ladies, who manage themselves as well as the jewellery production in a simple yet efficient manner. Qualities such as timing, dedication, quality control all fell into place, and the work ethic is of the highest standard.

We worked closely with the South Company for Construction and Development in Jordan, helping to train the ladies at the Qadissiya Cooperative to create stone beads out of the stones of the Jordanian desert. They shape stones that they collect, and drill them, which we then purchase.


Our flagship store is located in the heart of Amman, Jordan in the courtyard of the InterContinental Hotel

T +962 6 4612272 E
Opening hours 10am-7pm daily, Fridays 12-7pm

You can also find our creations at the following locations in the UAE, France, Canada, the UK and Norway